San Nicolas Charity Seminar


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This Seminar was held to raise funds for the San Nicolas Association Charity - for the children and elderly in Equador. This event was organized by Carlo Andreis.
The seminar was instructed by 3 Southeast Asian Instructors - Randy Remolin Of Kombatan (Philippines), Ubaldo Rodello of Laguna Arnis (Philippines) and Maul Mornie of Silat Suffian Bela Diri (Brunei Darussalam).
I also took
this event to help promote Brunei Darussalam to a major international charity organization, which inturn also helps to introduce Brunei to the Americas.

with the San Nicolas Association member - Maurizio Zanini

The event was a whole day event that started around 10 a.m with a 1.5hr lunch break and ended around 5pm.

The morning instruction started with Master Remolin showing the basic double stick movements of Kombatan, he taught twirling drills and basic 2 men drills (sinawali), Master Ubaldo thaught the basics of the single stick drills and disarms. I concentrated on the ground work of SSBD starting 1st with the basics of attack interception.

After the lunch break, Master Remolin instructed the basics of espada-daga (stick and dagger). Due to time restriction, Master Ubaldo gave me the honor to take his time for my instrictions.

I only had 1 hr or so to present my instructions, I continued with the progression of SSBD ground work. SSBD groundwork covered offensive takedowns, locks and chokes. My thanks to Christian Alfano for being my reciever, my translators Marco Banfi and Enrico Luciolli and all others that helped me in my instructions.

The event raised €uro 700 and it was bank transfered to the intended association the next day.

Appreciation to all those participated in this Charity Event.

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