Italian Training Group

These individuals or group of people are enlisted into the Silat Suffian Instructor Candidates Program. They are still in the Training Group Process leading to Representatives status, unless stated otherwise. Due to the number of people I teach in classes, private sessions and seminars; if you do not see any one or name enlisted here, they do not have the right to claim learning the full knowledge nor the authorization to teach or claim to represent Silat Suffian Bela Diri Systems and sub-systems.
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1st Italian Training Group
Left to Right Standing :- Mirko Bruzzone, Luca Badano, Carlo Andreis, Enrico Luciolli, Maul Mornie, Dennis Degani, Sandro Cea, Luca Pegoraro, Christian Alfano, Federico Nibbi, Federico Mazza
Left to Right Sitting :- Ivano Buzzi, Manuel Merlin, Robert Bozic, Daniele Panni
Absent in picture :- Alex Bombana

2nd Italian Training Group

Left to Right Standing :- Giovanni Poletto, Marco Banfi, Givanni Zazzarrino, Giorgio Scavino-Nanetti, Nicola Angeli

Left to Right Sitting :- Evandro Ramon Mariani, Antonio Bonelli, Maul Mornie, Carlo Andreis, Jonny Dalla Palma, Mario Borroni

Absent in Picture :- Juan Moreno


Andreis Family - Carlo, Rimma, Rebecca, Christopher and Julie

For enquiries and information in Italy:
Italian Group Leader
Full Name : Carlo Andreis
Location : Desenzano del Garda, Italy
Email Address:
Mobile : (+39)3395688087
Italian Friends Links:


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