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This Silat Suffian Instructor Candidates Program is an accelerated program providing a comprehensive syllabus concerning itself exclusively with the artful, clandestine practices of fighting defenses of Silat Suffian's family art and in the years in which is was used with effect.

Those entering this program of learning may advance in proficiency through, periodic testing and evaluation on their understanding of the underlying principles and not quantity or techniques. Ranks and certificates are awarded to successful candidates ONLY on this basis.

Like any program or courses, dedication is the utmost important to attain authentic competency and not memorization.
The training programs are structured for students with consideration given to individuals ability to absorb the knowledge, goals, interest and time available for training.

All classes are weapons oriented with the blade techniques being taught as an extension of the empty hand. 80% of the time you will be using the blade.

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This is not a weekend instructor diploma program, we do not sell instructor diplomas or certificates for a 1 weekend seminar or through long distance DVD curriculum like other commercial instructors.

We firmly believe you cannot learn and instill "REAL" skill and understanding over just a few session or a few seminars. You may "remember" 100 movements, you may "copy" 1000 techniques, but this is not how authentic silat is learned and developed. It should be in your body, not in your brain.

We teach how it is supposed to be taught, not bought.


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