Hosting a Seminar / Workshop

Thank you for your interest in hosting a Silat Suffian Bela Diri Seminar.

For generations, Silat Suffian has been practised by close family members only. This is your chance to experience an authentic bruneian family system of blade art. Its primary objective has been to approach realistic, simple and unquestionably effective self-defense and combat skill through the understanding of the human body mechanics and weaponology. The topics covered are:

1. Edged weapons - short blades, machetes, karambit, etc. covering blade defense and blade fighting

2. Impact weapons - staff, sticks, knuckle dusters, heavy weapons, etc

3. Close Quarter Flexible weapons

4. Close Quarter Weapons Disarms - from firearms, impact weapons, edged weapons, etc

5. Empty hands - employ pukulan (nerve and structural strikes), Ganggam (pain point constriction), Kunchi (joint manipulation), fighting and defending from the ground, and Bergalut (to wrestle) which includes chokes, trapping, throws, sweeps, etc.

It is up to the host what is the topic to be presented in the seminar. The topics covered during a Silat Sufffian Bela Diri seminar, can be tailored to your specific needs. They are taught in a fun, and highly technical fashion, following a unique method of human skill development. There will be no mysticism or knowledge suppression. Everything will be laid on the table if asked, depending on its relevence to the training progression.



Experience what Silat Suffian Bela Diri is all about. No commitments, only after you decide to start a Training Group, that dedication and commitment to training is asked of you. But that is your decision.

Initially the interested individual or group or people will have to "hosts" a seminar that acts as a stepping stone to attract other interested individuals. Then once the host decides that he/they have enough people in his/their training group then training will commence.

If you are only interested in organizing a series of seminar only for personal interest to study certain aspects of Silat Suffian Bela Diri without any commitment to anything, you are also welcome to do so.



My fees are different in different countries due to currency exchange and the economy of the country. For the 1st seminar is dependant on the number of participants attending. As an example:

1. US$50 per person for a 1 day seminar (4hr); or
2. US$80 per person for a 2 days seminar (4hrs a day)

The price above is an example only. Please contact me for prices in the USA, Europe or ASIA

You will provide my travel, accommodation and meal (where applicable).

I have sent out questionnaires, more than 80% of people who contacted me preferred to attend a seminar 1st and experience if the art is for them rather than be committed into a training group the 1st time round.



For the past 6 month I have had a more than an average of 7000 hits a month (and counting) in my youtube channel and website from visitors all over the world. I will help to aggressively advertise the event via my youtube channel, my website and email to ensure positive number of attendance for the seminar from your area.



Example price; US$150 per person in the training group.

Once you decide to start a training group, you are also automatically entered into the Instructors Program.


Once the training group is established, update is done once every 2 month OR once every 4 months.

Other training formats are also welcome, if you have any suggestion you can discuss with me via email.



1. When the host invites me, he is entitled to have 4hrs one on one private lesson with me to his convenience.

2. If the 1st seminar is successful, and you wish to invite me for the 2nd time or regularly, I charge a standard fee depending where you are located. (This does not include travel, accommodation and meal) I cannot charge Asia the same price as I charge the US, due to their average economy. You decide if you need to top up the attendance fees to cover your cost of inviting me and gain profit for yourselves.


Upon confirming the date/dates, the host is required to confirm the flight ticket, OR, if the host prefers the the instructor can organize in on his side. (payment will be needed to be transferred to the instructors account)

For security reasons upon entering the host's country, the host MUST write a formal invitation letter via email, which includes the host's details, full name, martial arts school (if you have one), contact address, contact number, contact email, my duration of stay, etc.

As a Bruneian I do not need a visa, but the immigration officer may need a contact details of someone from the your country. This is just for a precaution that I am dealing with a responsible person.


If you agree to this the conditions, you are free to contact me for other enquires or arrangements.


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Hope to see you there.