Bruneian Training Group

Through request from hundreds of emails, I have agreed to set up a small training group of 4 people in Brunei Darussalam to join in the Silat Suffian Bela Diri - International Training Groups.

Only a small group of dedicated people will be accepted. This is to make sure the correct transmission of knowledge and that it doesnt reach the hands of irresponsible people.

It will be a 2hr 30min training session, once a week and will be done privately at my resident in Seria.

For those interested, please email me:

  1. your full name
  2. occupation
  3. age
  4. gender (sex)
  5. 10 reasons why you are interested to learn SSBD and join the Training Group.



I do not teach for sport or competitive reasons.

I do not teach for your hobby, do not apply if you are not dedicated.

I do not teach you to be trouble-makers.

I do not teach you to disrespect others or any living thing.

I do not teach you to hurt anyone without cause.



I will accept anyone regardless of race, religion, nationality.

I will accept anyone who has the sincere thirst for knowledge.

I will accept those who are dedicated, patient, open minded and tolerant towards other people.

I reserve the right to refuse anyone with bad character and negative intentions.

Due to moral reasons, I will NOT accept anyone under 25 years old.

I am NOT looking for fighters or people who are impatient.

Please do NOT come with the intentions to question or challenge my skills. Think of your family, who will take care of them if you are disabled.

I have the right to change the rules anytime.



BND$ 30.00 per person - per session (2hrs 30min)

Yes I know that there are others and closer places that charges less and some even free. It is your choice, you can attend their classes if you want to, or learn quality detailed instructions from me.



You will be taught how to use your heart before your emotions.

You will be taught progressively until you reach a competent stage then you will advance to the next stage and so on. I am not interested in how many techniques that you can copy or remember, I am interested in your understanding of the principles behind it.

There will NOT be any sparring, we do NOT spar. Sparring does not prove anything in SSBD, it only proves that if you are strongger and faster you will always come on top, this is not how or what we train for. Upon reaching a certain level in SSBD we have special training to pressure test members of our training groups. This is where you will understand what a "warrior's mind-set" really is.

You are free to ask any questions relevant to your training progression. Everything will be taught and answered in relevence to your progress in training. Our secret technique is "HARD WORK" and nothing else.


Training will commence in the 1st week if January 2008.

Thank you for your interest.


Hello Everyone,

All latest updates and information will be posted in our new site;


The links and articles in this site will still be available.

Sorry for the inconvinience.

Hope to see you there.