My Views on Forums

Firstly I would like to thank you all those who has invited me to be a member of their forum and discussion sites. It is an honour to be invited personally by the moderators.

I have read a number of good and some bad comments on SSBD in a few threads. The Good ones I take them with my humble respects from highly trained instructors who has taught and known internationally – some I have worked with. While the bad ones that try to put my family art down either tend to be those who prefer to remain anonymous hiding behind false names or those “wanna-be” who only trains in a few martial arts classes in their small town or watched a few instructional DVDs and think they know everything there is to know about any fighting art in general.

I try not to get caught into arguments of “my kung fu is better than yours” because unless the person you are corresponding with on the other side of the screen knows half of what they are talking about and has the stuff to back it up with, these people are just a waste of time and their comments are nothing more than jelousy and insecurity about their ability – which is common in any profession anywhere in the world.

Unlike a food critique who is paid to do their job, what other reason does anyone try to disrespect or put down another person he has never met?

Through invitation, I have travelled and trained with professionals, Instructors and practitioners of different nationalities from different martial arts and systems, regardless if it’s a Military System, Japanese system, Chinese system or Malay system. We exchange ideas for the betterment of each other. A good practitioner in any fighting system tries to improve on his abilities by being open to other training methods, while those that have big egos and claims to be all knowing prefers to troll in forums and try to start arguments behind a computer screen.

On Youtube

As anyone can read from my youtube channel, I do not delete or sensor any comments as long as it does not involve racism and slandering religion. Quite frankly the bad comments really expose the closed-minded characters of the individuals who wrote it; they just watch through a short 3 minute clip without even reading the video description. Should I even try to convince them otherwise?

On Forums

Although I have registered in a few forums sites on invitation, I have NEVER yet joined any discussions in any forum. Anyone whose name is associated with Silat Suffian Bela Diri in any forum, discussion board or video sites is NOT me, although Im not saying that I will never post anything in the future - If I do, it will be under my own name.

Regarding SSBD, other than submitting an articles to “Silat Now! E-Zine”, I ONLY post my articles and videos in
and, I personally manage these two sites.

I do not have negative thoughts about forums and discussion boards, my admiration for who has presented their arts and systems well in them and wish for their continued success.

Please do not take any of my words negatively, mistakes or harsh words that I may have made in this article is entirely of my own and does not reflect the view of my instructors or others that work and train with me.

Best regards and respects to all,
Maul Mornie


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