Ground Defence - Avoiding Grappling



The technique shown in this video is not concerned nor aimed for any competition because its target is not to score points or to get a submission.

It is aimed for self defence on the ground, to take out your attacker in the quickest way possible without resorting to grappling or wrestling – and moving yourself out of the area as quick as possible, confidently knowing the assailant will not chase after you.

Avoid MMA Mentality

Unlike in a dojo where you have time to warm-up, pick and choose who your training partner is and start all over again when you tap; in the streets, at home, in camp sites, etc things may happen when we least expect it. We may be:-

+ Laying down on the grass at the park,
+ Sleeping in tents at a camp site,
+ Fell down after an initial attack and do not have the chance to stand up,
+ Fell down and injured our leg – preventing us to stand up,

in such situations, it is good to know how to counter an attack without resorting to grappling where sand, stones, bottles or broken glass on the ground can be used against you.

There is a saying in the martial arts world propagated by grapplers, its “ 90% of all fights end up on the ground” – it may be true, it may be not, but if it does happen it does not mean that you have to use BJJ or grappling, does it?

Grappling Against Weapons

Unlike in competitions, in the streets we don’t know if the attacker is carrying a knife or other weapons with him, there are no referees to stop the fight if you get stabbed or if you tap.

This is one such reason why grappling or wrestling with your attacker is best avoided when you face such situation that you accidentally end up on the ground.

Not bad mouthing any martial arts, just stating the facts, we all know that a majority of practitioners (not all) who are excellent grapplers are competition-minded people, and do not have a clue about edged weapon defence on the street.

The Video

The posture invites attacks to the major parts of the body, i.e. the head or body. If the defender was to put his hand or leg up as a primary defence, then the attacker will have to attack your limbs first before getting to you. Not a good idea on the streets where hard-soled shoes like army boots or working boots could be used to kick your limbs away. Imagine your hand and ankle being kicked with a hard boot repetitively, would you still have a clear mind to defend yourself?

Place your limbs within the path of the attack not between it.

Position your head and body within clear view of the attacker inviting him to a confident and committed attack.

As his attack is committed, his body weight will work against him. He will not be able to retract the kick; it is during this time that you redirect the kick controlling his centre-line and your balance.

Grab his knee cap and twist it clockwise toward yourself, this will unbalance him and drop him on the ground hard.

Finish him off with afew hard strikes. This is to delay his recovery so not to chase after you when you escape.

There are various drills to acquire this skill against different attacks - the video is just a small variation of how to defend from a direct straight kick.

My appreciation to Alex Bombana from Italy for being my reciever.


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