Brunei's 24th National Day

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These are methods of setting up and baiting.

Feel free if you understand the sequence to better help me explain it ok.
I hope you could use the 1st picture above somehow to help introduce the Bruneian flag and Brunei in the process.


Technique A

A1. walking up the stairs

A2. Stopped and threatened.

A3. Chambered attack and flinched

A4. From the flinched position, strike the attacking arm with a hitting pass

A5. Continue the hitting strike to the step railing to looses the knife grip

A6. Check the attacking arm

A7. Continue momentum with downward hammer strike towards the jaw.

A8. Control the situation


B2. Trying to control the situation

B2. before the assailant attackd, a pre-emptive attack on the left wrist to invite commited attack with the right hand

B3. pass the commited right punch

B4. Hit the attackers lower tricep with an upwards elbow strike

B5. Hit slap and grab the attackers face

B6. Check and control the elbow

B7. Do a reverse "putar kepala" and slam attackers had to the railings

B8. Hold and set attackers head, and chamber

B9. Downwards elbow strike

B10. Check and chamber other hand

B11. Continue to hit, even if the attacker limps and fall... just incase... you know what i mean John :)



C1. confrontation

C2. Cut closest hand, to invite a desperate commited cut

C3. Cut and check the attacking arm

C4. Stabbing Pass and check again on lower tricep

C5. upward Cut on the knife hand wrist to disarm the knife

C6. Attacker reacts by grabbing the defenders knife hand

C7. Defender counters by executing a striking wrist break

C8. The grabbing hand is released due to broken wrist

C9. Continue the movements witha backhand strike towards the attackers face.

C10. The strike throws the attacker back. The sequence of movements only disables the attackers fighting limbs that could heal, rather than attacking dangerous parts of the body or that could leave a visually positioned scar.



D1. The confrontation

D2. Invitational entry without any cuts to invite a strike

D3. Cut the incoming strike

D4. Grab the wrist, check and turn for an armbar

D5. Knife assisted vertical wrist lock.

D6. Continue to push with the knife cranking the wristlock

D7. Commit to breaking the wrist and throw the attacker back



E1. the confrontation

E2. Hitting pass to invite a strike

E3. Check the punch while knife hooking the attackers knife arm

E4. Continue hooking and passing it below the striking arm for the Harimau elbow lock

E5. Check and control

E6. once restaining control is gained, disarm the attackers knife hand

E7. Bargaining position, or counter witha strike



F1. the confrontation

F2. Hit pass

F3. Check and chamber and invitation

F4. Attacker strikes, and defender block and passes the attacking arm

F5. Extend the attackers knife hand and pass he striking hand below it

F6. Control both hands with a double arm bar

F7. Stab attacker in the thigh





hyper extend the elbow



upwards elbow strike to disarm or break the wrist



attacker clears and grabs the defenders hand

attacker tries to counter cut

Defender checks

defender pulls back his hand that is grabbed and self cuts the attacker
defender positions the flat part of the blade high on he shoulder contributing to a knife assisted thumb-lock to straighten the arm.

Defender breaks attackers posture, redirects the point of the blade together with an upwards elbow strike (also assisting in the thristing of the knife)



downward hammer strike

upward elbow strik on the forearm

because tha arm is already chambered continue with n elbow strike

Hit the attackers fist with an upward knee strike, position left hand just incase the attacker strikes
stepp and trap attackers leading foot to break his balance

Pull the attackers hand to take him down. In the process, because the left hand is already chambered, continue to hit as the attacker falls.

attacker on the ground and chamber to hit and break the elbow



Circular upward elbow strike onon the wrist of the attackers leading arm

Drop the same hand and hit pass the attackers sudden sknife thrust

Check the attackers elbow

Control and trap both arms

upward elbow srike towards the face

the attacker is flung backwards, chamber back after hitting the attackers face with one move

Downward hammer strike to the attackers knife hand. breaking it and disarming the blade.


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