Scarf assisted Take-down

Coldness comes once a year when winter visits the area that is far from the equator, everyone wears a type of scarf one time or another.

In the places where hot and humidity are a norm, everyone wears some type of clothing, from t-shirts, to head scarfs to belts, etc.

The skills in this video may become valuable to anyone who has an open mind that, in self defense anything could be used to protect oneself from harm.

Short Clip

The techniques shown above are just techniques, it does not show the drills and exercises used to hone awareness, correct reflexive response and the principles of strategies in entering and countering an attack that could be used effectively and efficiently in a real situation.

Yes, the techniques are easy, Yes it can be easily copied and memorized in a short span of time even by watching, but without proper instructions from a competent or qualified instructor, then that is what it only is, a copied and memorized technique.

All applied knowledge are to be understood and not copied or memorized. Or else it is not a part of you.

Copied or memorized techniques if done without correct instruction, may not be as effective as it could be and in practise may injure your un-awaring training partner if you do not warn him in advance. Please seek a competent and qualified Instructor before actually using this in training.


For the sake of demonstration, we will take the attack as a straight forward punch. This technique is not for competition or sports. Its just a improvisation on how to use a scarf as a defensive tool, if incidentally you were holding your scarf or a t-shirt in the moment that you are attacked.

As the punch comes toward you, step forward (45 degrees) to the outside of his punch. Parry the punch with your left hand and re-enforce that parry with a sudden strike with your right. This sudden strike could be a strike to a point on the fore-arm or to the head or just as a distraction to set up the follow up take down.

As the attacker is occupied by pain or distraction, wrap the scarf around the inside elbow and pull it sharply 45 degrees down behind him. This is where his foundation is at its weakest.

As he is on the ground, your next movement after the take down is to move away from the place as far as you can, as fast as you can. Do not stand there to glorify what you just did or try to show off and strike a heroic pose. He might have friends around.


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