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In 2007, the Channel is Honored as YouTube's 100 Top Favourites of all time - Sports Catagory; 2 of 4 only martial arts videos featured in that catagory apart from Bruce Lee's Tribute Video and Muay Thai's Demo video. SSBD are the only martial arts clips in that catagory that features blade weapon demonstration.

The videos on SSBD Youtube channel are rated an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars and watched by more than 1,000,000 (1 Million) viewers worldwide (and still counting) on the 3rd March 2008, since the 1st video was posted on 3rd March 2006.


Apart from the hundreds of positive feedbacks from the public and seminar attendees, the videos received words of support from known and high ranked martial arts masters and instructors internationally, whom personally I would love to meet and train under. I would like to sincerely thank each an every one of them for thier time in doing so. It is truely an honor.
Through mutual respect, I have also written thier experience, background and links to thier websites. The martial arts community has no place for egos and closed minded people who always thinks they have the best "reality" technique. I have travelled the world, met and worked with many martial practitioners and professionals who lay thier life on the line everyday, all I can say is that the world doesnt need "sad" closed minded individuals.
Below are some of the positive feedbacks given by world class instructors and weapon masters. The feedbacks are not arranged in any specific order except that all latest feedbacks are at the bottom of the page.

"..regardless of what anyone says.. science or no science, IT WORKS.."
- Mataas Na Tuhon Pat O'Malley (UK)
Founder ang Grandmaster Rapid Arnis International
7th Degree Blackbelt Rapid Arnis
6th Grade Black Belt Doce Pares Eskrima
European Representative for San Miguel Eskrima
Co-founder Black Eagle Society and WEKAF-GB
Founding member of British Council of Kali Eskrima Arnis Instructors
"..your videos are great.. Great training! Very talented teacher."
- Sifu/Guro Ron Balicki (USA)
Founder of Martial Arts Research Systems
Former Instructor at the Inosanto Academy, USA (1993-98)
Jun Fan Gung Fu (Jeet Kune Do) Full Instructor
Filipino Kali Full Instructorship under Guro Dan Inosanto, Leo Giron, Angel Cabales, Dinisio Canete, and Ted Lucay Lucay
Maphilindo Silat Full Instructor level 4 under Guro Dan Inosanto
Lameco Escrima Senior Assistant Instructor under the late Punong Guro Edgar Sulite
Trained extensively in the United States and Indonesia in the art of Silat Mande Muda with the late Pendekar (Grandmaster) Herman Suwanda, Maha Guru Victor De Thouars in Pencak Silat Serak and with Pendekar Paul De Thouars in Bukti Negara Pentjak Silat
Wing Chun Instructor under Sifu Randy Williams
World Muay Thai Association Instructor under Ajarn (Master) Chai Surisute
Shoot Fighting rank of Shooter (Professional Fighter) under Sensei Yori Nakamura, the highest ranked person under the founder Sensei Satora Sayama
Savate rank of yellow glove
Degerberg blend martial art system 6th degree black belt
Latigo y Daga (Whip and Dagger) instructor under Whip expert, Guro Tom Meadows
Over three years with the Cook County Sheriff's Department, and continues to assist police agencies in the usa to improve their martial arts techniques. In Europe, he teaches martial arts to the French President's Secret Service and the French Anti-Terrorist Team "RAID" (the French counterpart to the U.S. Navy Seals). Martial Arts Research Systems can be found teaching martial arts seminars around the world.
"..I saw your videos, you did a GREAT JOB.."
- Master Greg Alland (USA)
President of the Arnis (Kali) Martial Arts Federation
Master Certified under Grand Master Nene Tortal of the Dekiti Tirsia Kali
Doce Pares Eskrima under Dionisio Canete
Silat Pangian Langka Empat under Suryadi Jafri
Founder of the fighting concept SinaTirsiaWali.
"I thoroughly enjoy watching you work your craft.. to see truth in what you do, your movements are simple, direct and effective."
- Punong Guro Michael Blackgrave (USA)
USA representative for Master Epifanio "Yuli" Romo in the art of BaHad Zu'Bu Mangtaas Baraw, blade work lineage of GM Antonio Tatang Ilustrisimo, Moro Silats and Maranao kampilan work. Practitioner/Teacher of Pagbuntog Silat and Pencak Silat Baringin Sakti Harimau of West Sumatra.
".. I've seen your videos so many times and I really like it.."
- Guro Isagani C. Abon (Philipines)
Head of Navotas Kali Warrior, Chief Instructor, Training Director
Ilustrisimo Kali - Lineage of GM Antonio Tatang Ilustrisimo via Punong Guro Henry Espera
"..I like your work.. very clean.."
- Guro Jeff Chung (USA)
Sayoc Kali under Tuhon Chris Sayoc Jr.
Neo Tribe Kali Founder
Chung Style Kuntao Founder
Instructor of the year 2005 - Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame
"..Good SOLID silat!.. Learn from this Guru if you have the chance.."
- Dr. Conrad Bui (USA)
Pentjak Silat Serah - Guru and Mid-West Director of Pentjak Silat USA under Dr. Andre;
Kuntao Silat DeThouars - Sifu and Senior Student under Bapak Willem deThouars;
Ying Pao Lung Hsing - BaGua, Hsing Yi and Tai Chi Sifu and Senior Student under Sigung Wayne Welsh;
Nubreed Kali - Guro under Mas Guro / Tai Sifu Ben Fajardo;
Taekwondo and american freestyle karate - 5th Dan under Sensei Troy McCaskell
"..There are many Martial Artists I have seen..
..your stuff impresses me.. Definitely worth training.."
- Sensei Greg Park
Sensei in Chosen (Korean) Ninjitsu
KTHF certified and Kwang Do Korean Police Martial Arts Association to train Law enforcement Peace officers in the USA
"..Guru Maul is one of those rare individuals,to whom the essense of his system has become him.."
- Shihan William Allen (USA)
Ju Ki Do Kai Ryu, Modern Vee-Jitsu, Arnis and Karate-Do - 7th Degree Blackbelt
"..good example of quick defenses.. RESPECT!.."
- Mas Guru Jason Heriford (USA)
Founder of American Martial Arts Academy
MidWest Regional Director of the World Kali Silat Society USA
Guro in Sina Tirsia Wali
Master Rank in Karate
Black Belt In American Jiu Jitsu
"..Awesome stuff.. First Class Weapons defence.. Maul is the business in this field!!.. Exceptional standard and tuition. I am honoured to be training under such an expert and more so for hosting his UK seminars.. you will not be disappointed!"
- Sensei Alun Williams (UK)
Founder of "Total Body Defence Goshinkwai" Organization
5th Dan Chief Instructor
"..Great Video.. Excellent Silat!.. Your videos are great to the silat community.."
- Guru Santiago Dobles (USA)
Guru rank under Guru Cliff Stewart in Kilat Pukulan Pencak Sera
Hoshin Jutaijutsu - 3rd Dan
Hoshin Tao Chi Kung and K.A.P Instructor
Certified Tantra Yoga Instructor Director
Cofounder of Umaa Tantra
Kundalini Awakening Process Instructor
Certified Reiki Master
Tantric Shamanic Healer
"..I dig it!.. Its REAL!!.."
- Master Daniel Arola (USA)
DAMAG-INC Kali Combatives - Founder
Mousel's Self Defense Academy - Instructor
International TKD - Hapkido Institute - 3rd Dan
Tang Soo Do - 1st Dan
"..complete system.. real-time silat techniques that work.."
- Guro Rhonee Tiong Gumpal (Philippines)
Master At Arms
Kilat Serrada Arnis
Dutch/Indonesian Pentjak Silat
"..Your system is AMAZING.."
- Brent Beshara (Canada)
Canadian Armed Forces and Besh Knives Tactical Engineering
Anti-Tank Detachment Commander
Reconnaissance Platoon while overseas with the UN
Currently serving as a Clearance Diver; sea/land mine clearance, and deep sea diving.
Bomb disposal operator for the last 11 years.
Brent who is also a bladesmith has utilized knives throughout his military career, and has been highly trained in unarmed combat techniques using a variety of blades from bayonets to dive knives.
"I have studied many arts and I find this art to be fascinating and extremely effective for self defense and the attributes you gain are superb. This Family art is not only effective but useful to anyone"
- Master Rocky Twitchell (USA)
Chief Full Instructor & Founder of Liahona Warrior Arts and T-5 Boxing in Northern California. Student of Guro Dan Inosanto of the Inosanto Academy.
"..Fantastic work!.. You have VERY clean technique Guru.. Everyone pay attention, there is a true master on the floor.. He's showing some high level stuff here.. Guru Maul Mornie is the only Silat master I have seen who moves as good as Pa Herman Suwanda did.. its about time Bruneian Martial Arts was shown!!!.."
- Guru Bobbe Edmonds (USA)
Founder of Edmonds Martial Arts Academy. Reconized authority in the US on Filipino, Chinese and Indo-Malay Martial Arts. Travels the Nusantara Archipelago training with some of the greatest masters in the world. He holds advanced ranks in various systems of Southeast Asian Martial Arts. One of two people dually ranked by both Pendekar Herman Suwanda and his brother Bambang of Mande Muda Silat and Sudanese Pencak Silat in Bandung Indonesia.
"..Good presentation of effective techniques.."
- Master Dakila Hsuan (Philipines)
Founder and developer of Grail System Academy of FMA, which is composed of the following sub-styles: Sarimanok (Knife Arts), Sigma-X (Stick Arts), Agoko (Unarmed combat), Laksoy Kampilan (Long Blade Arts)
"With the explosion of mixed martial arts as a spectator sport, more average citizens here in America are taking an interest in fighting arts. Police officers face a greater chance of confronting more technical fighters than in past times so they need to be better prepared.. I encourage people I teach to study and look at various systems and choose what works best for them.. I will reccommend your videos wherever I train."
- Steve Padin (USA)
22 year police veteran and firearms instructor for the Buffalo, New York Police Department. Korean martial arts and police - related tactics instructor .
He also travels to other countries to train police e.g. Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Gutemala.
"..Im very impressed with your techniques.. amazing!!! direct and effective..!"
- Bobby (Phillipines)
Askal Arnis, Redhorse Chapter, Taal Batangas. Developed by Guru Danny Vedua, formerly known as Oro Balintawak in Cagayan De Oro City.
"Great work Guru Maul. Your work and your family art is truly an inspiration not only in Silat, but in the whole Southeast Asian martial art community. It's no nonsense, non telegraphic attacks is what make it wicked"
- Guro Paolo Aquino (Phillipines/Australia)
Caviteno Fighting System, Tovak Escrima - Senior Instructor
"..I *bow* with respect and awe of your ability."
- Master Malvin Traylor (USA)
A.R.S.T. - action reaction stress training,
A.C.T. - accelerated combative training,
Co-founder of V.E.D.S. "violent encounter defense system",
Co-Founder R.E.A.C.T. "Rapid Endurance Assertive Combative Training"
Master Traylor was part of HOME LAND SECURITY in California with a group called S.T.A.F (SPECIAL TACTICAL ASSUALT FORCE) which is an ANTI-TERROIST training group. Trained with S.W.A.T., D.E.A. F.B.I. and local law enforcement and trained them in hand to hand combat and weapon disarmament. He also taught (A.R.S.T.) ACTION REACTION STRESS TRAINING to local officials As well as some correctional officers. Master Traylor has also Trained 4005TH USAH Minimal Care Detachment Unit in Houston,Tx. 250+ Military personal was trained on Dec 08/07. Mr.Traylor received an Achieventment award for his training of 4005th.
"..coordinated, direct and effective.."
- Spiro Micallef (Wales, UK)
Veteran Kick Boxing Champion - World Full Contact, European and British Titles.
Co-Owner of Ultimate Fitness Centre, Cardiff together with Denzil Lawrence (Veteran World KickBoxing Champion)
"Guro Maul Mornie teaches a straight way of martial art. SSBD is a system of natural body movements and a logical concept. There are no 'fancy stuff' or solutions for a 'perfect world'. He instructs 'hard'(solid) techniques for self defense and combat"
- J*r** B****n*** (Germany)
Tactical Law Enforcment Instructor
Riot Police Team Leader/Command Leader for ** years and then transferred to the Special ******* Force.
For security reasons, the name and post is kept confidential
"You have done so much to promote your country's art.. Keep up the good work!!"
- Dalubhasang Guro Romeo Cruz (Philippines/UK)
Bahad Zu'Bu Escrima/Kali - Scotland, UK
"I just watched your videos and it's amazing as well! It's good that you are promoting traditional martial arts!.. I just told Grandmaster Leo Gaje about you and he is also like in meeting you in the future!.. If you could make it here in the Philippines, feel free to contact me and we will accomodate you.."
- Mandala Baldwin "Nonoy" Garrucho (Philippines)
Top Henchman of the Pekiti-Tirsia Dogeaters,
External Vice President of the Pekiti-Tirsia Philippines; holder of the 3rd highest rank in the Pekiti-Tirsia Kali System, the rank of Mandala Maginoo 6th Hagdan confered by Grandtuhon Leo T. Gaje Jr.
"Saya sungguh bangga dengan usaha tuan guru memperkenalkan ilmu beladiri bangsa Melayu Brunei kepada dunia. (I am proud of your efforts introducing the self defence art of Bruneian Malay to the word) Keep up the good work."
- Guru/Kru Jak Othman (Malaysia)
Kru ranking in Muay Thai under Ajarn Bakar @ Bakawali from Thailand;
Guru in Silat Harimau Berantai
"I have watched (your videos) and enjoyed them very much. It's clear that you have put a lot of time and energy in your art! I wish you the best in all your teachings and travels."
- Prof. Rick Hernandez (USA)
A private student of Prof. Florendo Visitacion (Prof. Vee) until his death in 1999;
Co-founder of the critically acclaimed, T.A.C.S.A.F.E. International (Tactical Awareness and Control Strategies Against Firearms and Edged Weapons);
Former instructor to the US Army Ranger - Recon Unit in hand-to-hand combat, knife fighting, and firearms.
"Very nice, very smooth like Silat should be."
- Sifu Robert Teodorczy (USA)
Red Dragon Martial Arts Academy - Owner and Chief Instructor.
Trained with and continue to train with some of the best instructors in the world which include Dan Inosanto, Bob Orlando, Greg Alland, Paul Vunak, Larry Tatum,Royce Gracie, Steve Tarani, Bruce Corrigan, Chris Sayoc, and retired Seal Team 6 Member Dennis Chaulker, etc.
Over 28 yrs Martial Arts experience along with over 23 years experience with the Somerset County Sheriffs department.
Certified ASP Instructor by Armament Systems and Procedures.
Certified PR-24 Instructor by Monadnock Training Council.
Certified Physical Conditioning Instructor by the Somerset Police Academy.
Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor by the NJ State Police and NJ State Corrections Department.
Defensive Tactics Instructor for the Somerset County Sheriffs Department.
Team Leader and Instructor for the Somerset County Correctional Emergency Response Team.
Certificate of Training by the FBI for Crisis Negotiation.
Certificate of Training by Seal Team 6 member Dennis Chaulker for Progressive Enforcement Options
"Seeing Mr. Mornie perform Silat Suffian techniques on the web is really interesting and informative. But it will NEVER beat training with him personally which was of a GREAT value for us."
- Martin Hradeck√Ĺ and Mario Tachec√≠ (Czech Republic)
Arnis and Balaraw Fighting Club, Czech Republic - Founders and Instructors
Aegis Academy - Instructor level - various firearms and cold weapons training for private individuals, law enforcement and armed forces.
Instructor of special training to various security agency, law enforcement and Military Departments; shooting and tactics preparation, self defence and close quarter combat, telescopic baton and knife combat, consulting and testing, etc.
"I have enjoyed many of your YouTube videos, which show a wonderful mix of both the artistic and practical. I especially appreciate your videos demonstrating techniques on the ground!"
- Guru Robert McKay (USA)
Jagabaya Instructor rank in Silat Mande Muda. He is licensed to teach, through the Suwanda Academy in West Java, Indonesia. He is also an instructor in Filipino Kuntaw Silat.
"Very Practical Stuff. I am an in-fighter so this appeals to me a lot!.. Keep up the good work man!"
- Guru / Sifu Ron Kosakowski (USA)
6th Degree Black Belt in Kun Tao under the late Grand Master Joe Rossi
Certified Full Instructor in Jun Fan Gung Fu, Jeet Kune Do, Kali, and Grappling under Si Fu Larry Hartsell
Instructor in Jun Fan Gung Fu under Si Fu Dan Inosanto
Lakan Guro, Level One in Filipino martial arts under Guro Dan Inosanto
Certified Senior Instructor under Paul Vunak in Jeet Kune Do Concepts and Kali
Instructor and Connecticut representative under Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje jr. in Pekiti Tirsia Kali and Dumog
"Guru Maul, Assalamu Alaikum! Just wanted to say that I enjoy your video clips of your Pencak Silat and Knife tactics.. You are a good teacher and humble man . Best wishes."
- Guru Eric Kruk (USA)
Lived and trained in Indonesia over the course of the past 10 years, trained in Cimande and the Harimau systems. And is currently the Head Representative of Baringin Sakti for the United States, He teaches the silat system called Harimau Pasaman, its practitioners are trained for street fighting purposes and consists of extensive leg conditioning, power kicking to the lower body, open palm strikes, and quick body movement for effective ground fighting.
"Thank you for your superb seminar yesterday (14/06/08). After 25 years in Martial Arts it takes a lot to impress me, by golly you did that! Your range of knowledge on all aspects of self defence and personable approach is awe inspiring for such a young man. Baiting, entries, pinning, breaking etc you have the whole game going on and its very exciting to watch and also explore for myself too. I am hooked my friend.. The delivery of instruction is first class and fun to do by the way.. We call ourselves Masters too easily I think, but Maul is truly a Master!"
- Sensei Frank Ellul (UK)
American Kenpo Karate - 2nd Dan Blackbelt
25 years Martial Arts experience in Taekwondo and Kenpo Karate; 17 Years experience as a London Metropolitan Police Officer experience of street conflict and realistic resolvement with both verbal and physical skills; Security Co-ordinator and Head Door Supervisor at the Brean Leisure Park in Somerset
"Simple, direct, effective.. that is the way they are supposed to be. Waiting for more videos"
- Maha Guro Ng Kuntaw Brian "Buzz" Smith (USA)
Black Belt 5th Degree in Kuntaw Ng Pilpinas; Black Belt 2nd Degree in Shin shin Nogare Jitsu; Black Belt 1st Degree in Pekiti Tersia; Black Belt 1st Degree in Modern Arnis; Brown Belt in Combat Judo (U.S. Navy Course); Green Belt in Tae Kwon Do Jhoon Rhee System; Green Belt in Kyo Kushin Kai - Karate Do. Extensive training in Muay Thai Kick boxing, Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, Pentjak Silat, Kali, and Street Survival Tactics.
He brought KUNTAW to the U.S. in 1973 and established the American Maharlika Kuntaw Association.
He has trained members of the Kissimee and St. Cloud Florida Police departments in Stick Defense, Knife Defense, Hand to Hand combat and Baton training. Trained East Gate Security Personnel, Saulte St. Marie ontario in unarmed restraint techniques and tactics. Trained members of the Kyoto, Japan Police Department in stick and hand to hand Tactics (1992). Ongoing training of NMC Police Acadamy Cadets and area Police Officers in unarmed and armed (stick and knife) restraints.
"Dear Mornie, we would like to thank you for sharing with us your experience and training. We knew there was something special in you and the way you teach others when we first observed your techiques on Youtube. We are truly honored to have met you and to be able to learn from you, and we look forwards to working with you once again in the very near future.. Once again thank you and please realize that what you are teaching means alot to us all, because it can help to keep us safe and allow us to do the very important work that our men and women do all over the world. You are doing your part in helping to protect your fellow man and we look forwards to establishing a strong and lasting relationship with you."
- US Law Enforcement, Defensive Tactics Instructor (USA)
Name and Department of the individual officer is kept confidential due to reasons of personal safety and US national security.
"I have viewed your videos.. it was very informative and you have a good sense of how techniques flow from one to the next in a logical, fluid transition. Best wishes."
- Master Chief Taejoon Lee (Korea / USA)
Head and Master Chief of the World Hwa Rang Do Association - West Coast Headquarters, Los Angeles Academy. 7th Degree Black Sash and is the eldest son of the Founder, Dr. Joo Bang Lee.
"I enjoyed your video. Your grappling is good.. Keep up the good work, Selamat."
- Sigung Steve Gartin (USA)
Student of Pendekar Williem deThouars (Kuntao Silat deThouars); he formulated a new, more structured learning approach - Malabar Kuntao Silat.
"Your techniques are very practical and the quality of your movements are proof of your dedication to your martial art. Great Job! Much Respect to You"
- Guro Marrese Crump (USA)
Guro Crump is a dedicated practitioner of various martial arts and has emersed himself in Karate, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Capoeira, Western Boxing, Filipino Kali, Tae Kwon Do and Ninjutsu. Along this path he received training from some the world's top masters and grandmasters of our time.
"I'd like to present my respect for your superb job"
- Guro/Sifu Mike Faraone (Italy)
Guro Faraone is a practitioner of Silat Serak, Judo, Ju Jitsu, Karate, Kung Fu, Wing Tsun, Escrima, Muay Thai and boxing. Afew of the arts in which he is an instructor.
A Senior Instructor PFS (Progressive Fighting Systems Inc.) in Jeet Kune Do Concepts & Filipino Martial Arts.
Master Teacher IBSSA (International Bodyguard and Security Services Association). He worked for years as operations manager and as a security consultant.
He published a book and 10 educational videos on the theme of fighting with and without weapons. Several times on the cover on major martial magazines and gave dozens of interviews in Italy and internationally. Appears in numerous television broadcasts on national networks as an expert techniques of self protection and security of VIPs.
He holds workshops and conferences across Europe, for both civilian and departments of the military and police.
"Excellent video Master Mornie. Baiting and setting up the other fighter is an excellent skill and applicable in all sports. Very informative, interesting. Thank you."
- Frank Shamrock (USA)
An American mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. Shamrock was the first to hold the UFC Middleweight championship (renamed the UFC Light Heavyweight championship) and retired as the five-time defending undefeated champion. Frank was also crowned an Interim King of Pancrase. He has also been the Strikeforce Middleweight champion.
"I have been in Pencak Silat for more than 20 years, being in your seminar last Sunday (17/08/2008) was truely amazing. The system you teach can be a lifesaver as well as an eye opener. Above all, Im just proud to be Bruneian and Silat artist!"
- Captain Rusli Bujang, BA Ed(Hons), MSc (Brunei Darussalam)
Royal Brunei Armed Forces - Head of Research and Training Branch
Senior Instructor of Pencak Silat Gerak 41
"Good material, movements are very smooth."
- Tuhon Carl Atienza (USA)
Chief Instructor of Atienza Kali. One of 3 Atienza brothers, that teaches thier evolution of the Filipino Blade Arts. Other brothers are Tuhon Allain and Tuhon Darryl Atienza.
"Excellent Seminar, very informative and practical applications. Guru Maul's teaching is very friendly and open which makes it very easy to learn. A GREAT DAY!"
- Shifu Stuart Holdsworth (Australia)
3rd Degree Blackbelt. Zi Ra Men and Six Harmonies Kung fu. Direct Lineage from Master Xu Ai Zhai
"Very Effective Multi Functional Style"
- Senior Master Andy Elliot (Australia)
International Philippine Martial Art Kombatan (IPMF) - Chief Instructor, 7th Degree Blackbelt (Lakan Pito) of Australia and New Zealand
"..your Silat system of unarmed defence against a knife is simple, very fast and effective. Sensei John Haitidis (7th Dan Shotokan Karate) and Renshi Shihan Greg Rees (5th Dan WGKA Karate Academy) expressed this view. I feel the same and add that I appreciate the spirit of the workshop and the way you built it up.."
- Renshi Shihan Joseph Ielasi (Australia)
5th Dan Hard and Soft Style Goju Ryu Karate
WGKA - World Goju-Ryu Karate-do Academy, Melbourne, Australia
"Greeting Maul, I watched your video. You move very well. I wish I moved that well when I was your age :-) I have no doubt that you will reach the level of experience you wish in your journey. Never stop learning"
- Bob Orlando (USA)
Founder of the Je du-too School of Martial Arts. A master of Chinese kuntao and Dutch-Indonesian pukulan pentjak silat under Dutch-Indonesian master, Willem de Thouars.
The author of Indonesian Fighting Fundamentals: The Brutal Arts of the Archipelago and Martial Arts America: A Western Approach to Eastern Arts. He has also produced three videos: A nearly two hour production, Fighting Arts of Indonesia: Combat Secrets of Silat and Kuntao (a companion to his first book); a two-tape video production titled, Reflex Action: From Training Drills to Fighting Skills; and a four volume DVD series, Fighting Footwork of Kuntao and Silat.


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